Welcome to Live Parcels demo

This is the home page of Live Parcels demo site designed to allow you to test whether Live Parcels fits your business requirements

This demo site is configured to use by Australia based courier company. When you use the Quote and Book page, the auto complete address field will only provide Australia based addresses. The auto complete address field is powered by Google Places API. This means our system can be used by local courier located anywhere in the world which is supported by Google Map. To calculate the shipping fee to charge, our system uses the step-wise distance based prices the administrator had configured. The distance can either be straight line distance between pickup and delivery address or shortest road distance as determined by Google distance API. This distance based pricing methodology also have the advantage that one can configure/update pricing in a matter of minutes. However, this methodology may not fit all courier companies. Therefore, we also have a postcode based pricing methodology available which allows more flexibilty at the expense of lengthy pricing configuration and self-supply/maintenance of postcode database. If you are testing the postcode based system, when you use the Quote and Book page, you must enter a valid Australia postcode. You can find the complete list of Australia postcode here. The pricing data is only configured for shipping from Victoria, i.e. the calculator will only provide a price when shipping from Victoria. If you try to calculate the shipping fee from other states, you will see price is undefined.

Annoymous checkout is disabled in this demo site. User must login first before placing orders. It is possible to allow annoymous checkout if you requires but an online payment method, such as Paypal, 2Checkout, Authorize.net or CyberSource needs to be enabled and configured to allow your new customer to pay for the order instantly. This system is designed to allow prepaid and postpaid users to place orders online. Prepaid users must pay/deposit funds into the system first before they can book courier pick-up/delivery service. Similar to prepaid mobile service, prepaid users will have a credit balance on their account which is used to pay for the courier pick-up/delivery service. Prepaid users can pay/deposit fund to the courier company using bank transfer or any other arrangements with the courier company. Similar to postpaid mobile service, postpaid user will only pay for the service at a pre-agreed interval, e.g. every month. The courier company will export the sales/order information from LiveParcels and invoice the postpaid user directly. LiveParcels does not handle invoicing for postpaid users.

After online order is placed, both admin and the customer will receive e-mail notifications of the order. If you want to see how the e-mail looks like, you can either create a new admin/user account with your own e-mail address or change the demo account's e-mail to your own. After online order is placed, anyone can find/track the parcel by entering its name, e.g. Order1Parcel1 or the customer reference (13 characters minimum) into the search box on the top left or here. Click on the blue title in the search results to see the complete tracking history of that parcel. For privacy reasons, annoymous user will see less information compared to the person who had placed the order, i.e. you will see different information depending on the role of your account. The build-in search engine for the parcels relies on cron to index the pages. This means cron must be run after the order is placed, otherwise, the search engine will not find it. Cron is not configured to run on this demo site but you can manually execute cron by clicking this link after you have login as an administrator.

This demo site is using the default Drupal Bartik theme for computers and Responsive bartik theme for mobile devices, you may install free themes from Drupal.org, create your own, hire developer to create one or hire us to create one for you. This LiveParcels courier system is based on Drupal and can be easily customized without coding. There is a lot of documentations and guides out there if you are not familar on how to use Drupal, your first starting point would be the official Drupal documentation.